Megan Reed


As a designer, decorator, real estate developer, and Realtor with Resident Realty, Megan can help your vision for your home become a reality! Megan attended the New York Institute for Art and Design.

Megan specializes in design styles and periods, and she teaches classes for investors on consistent, thoughtful home design. Megan’s objective is designing the whole home from the inside out. Show Megan your vision and purpose, and with her product knowledge, Megan can show you the trends that sell, the classical trends that last, and guide you to years of enjoyment within the investment you call “home.” In her free time, Megan enjoys reading, hiking, and going on adventures with her husband and two young daughters. But, perhaps Megan’s favorite past time of all is relaxing next to her koi pond.


Call Megan to set up an appointment TODAY, 720-690-8392